False Balcony Mediterranean Grills

False Balcony Mediterranean Grills Philippines

Inspired by European and Western houses design, false balcony adds up to the beauty of the plain wall. It is overlaid with artistically designed wrought iron to make it appear like a real balcony from a distance.
The Top Rail is a 50mm x 8mm BI Flat Bar with Scalop and rosevine Design. The arc bars in Bi Square Bar 17mm x 17mm plain, and the Center design is casted resin with embossed designs. It is coated with a plain black finish.
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New Manila Rolling Hills, Quezon City.

Grill Works

Grill Works

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Glass Railings Philippines has also the ability to provide and create you a casted material accessories parts of your Grills, Furniture and designs. Our accessory ornament products are made of Casted Aluminum, Casted Brass, Casted Metal and Casted Resin to customized and fit your requirements.